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Callipolis - Kerosene
Callipolis - Kerosene

Callipolis – Kerosene | Hedonistic

Innovation is what drives the discography of Swiss singer-songwriter Timothée Botbol’s musical project Callipolis. Despite his recent debut into streaming services with his track Kerosene, Callipolis already strikes chords inside its listeners of something more than a dystopian hyper-pop track.

This lies in the decorative electronic crunch elements scattered across the track that underlies Botbol’s downtempo depressive vocal performances. Callipolis does not appear shy of bold songwriting, as Kerosene represents elements of grunge and garage rock lyricism coupled with the instrumentation of an Amnesiac-era Radiohead. In addition, Callipolis may carry into itself some of the Bowiesque fascinations for the imaginative — as the thematic inclinations of the discography focus on happenings around the fictional city of its namesake.

Thematically, Kerosene deals with the gothic narratives surrounding a near-hedonistic suicidal stage, as the lyrics spiral into the destructive descriptions of self-sabotage and loneliness. On a more characteristic level, the track borders on hyper-pop but borrows inspirations from genres such as an avant-garde crunkcore, bubblegum pop and folktronica. The remarkable musical arrangements manage to blend together distorted guitar riffs and 90s synth-wave into a soundscape that appears hellishly folktronic and self-indulgent.

The baritone vocals of Botbol do well to offer a feeling of present day apparatus between the customary acoustic folksy vocalism and electronic society, introducing just about a special sound to his own music. Currently adding to his repertoire, Timothée Botbol a.k.a. Callipolis aims to bring us more philosophies and tales from his imagined rendezvous. 

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