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Tanoki - Let Go
Tanoki - Let Go

Tanoki – Let Go | Psychedelic Funkadelia

The works of jazz and funk have been intertwined since the beginning of time. Both the genres are congruent with lasting influences on each other and over the years it has often become difficult to decipher where one starts and the other ends. The funk genre is often misunderstood, poorly imitated and pimped for all the wrong reasons. Kilkenny, Ireland based producer and visual artist Tanoki released his newest 2021 single Let Go after some of his acclaimed singles named Manu Snowboarding Whistler and Loading.

This track is an amalgamation of various musical elements such as jazz, funk, electronic pop and tri-hop. Tanoki has been able to capture the very essence of the aforementioned genres in his new track.  He has involved interweaving snippets of syncopated melodies that intertwine and mingle in circles within consistent loops, landing on every other bar. The track also opens with a deliberate unfolding build that confounds the expectations of the listener further.

Each intonation that the track comprises compliments the next, establishing an immersive listening experience. The sounds of the xylophone accentuate the minimal usage of vocals in the track. This is the kind of embellishment that transforms the track into something much more invigorating, captivating, proving to be a memorable experience. 

Be sure to check out Tanoki’s new single Let Go now:

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