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mostgood - Who Owns Your Love?
mostgood - Who Owns Your Love?

mostgood – Who Owns Your Love? | indie

Indie-pop artist and producer Sally Shepard aka mostgood just released her debut single, Who Owns Your Love? Fill with husky, calming vocals and a lo-fi beat, this single is an immersive experience. All written and produced by Shepard herself, the single is a testament to mostgood’s music style.

The song begins with an indie-grungey guitar intro that segue into the vocals. Who Owns Your Love? The song builds an atmosphere for itself, that is something that you can lose yourself into. The song has a very dream/bedroom pop vibe that reminds me of Ocean Alley, some of Billie Eilish, Tame Impala and Glass Animals. mostgood makes music that would be good as focus music and something you can chill to. The vocals on the track are subtle, husky and have a dainty feel to them. This dainty timbre of the vocals is complemented very well by the instrumentals of the tracks. There are also some interesting drum additions that just tie the entire song together.

mostgood also mentions that the song is about not knowing if someone actually has feelings for you or if they are just going through the motions. The cutest part about this song is that the chorus (who owns your love?) was actually inspired by a cat, who loves cuddling.

Guess we now know Who Owns mostgood’s Love, now it’s time to find yours.

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