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Matilde Davoli - Sine
Matilde Davoli - Sine

Matilde Davoli – Sine | Dreamy

“Sine” is the enigmatic new single by Italian singer-songwriter Matilde Davoli. “Sine,” is the first single from her upcoming album, “Home,” which ponders the idea of belonging.

The indie-pop artist has really pushed her boundaries with this track. While her smooth and enchanting vocals are definitely a highlight, it is the careful and planned out production of the track that really gets you. Like most of her music, Sine begins with a catchy sound that draws you and move from ear to ear, while preparing you for what she has in store for you. The song has this unique grunge-indie vibe that I cannot put my finger on. It is very interestingly accompanied by her harmonies and guitar instrumentals.

The syncopated beat is the cherry on top of this production. The beat really sets apart the vocal harmonies while also tying it together. The song as mentioned above negotiates what it feels like to belong somewhere. The song definitely feels experimental and new, while also staying true to Matilde Davoli’s dream-pop style. Will definitely be adding Matilde Davoli to my playlist alongside Tame Impala, The XX and Beach House.
Stay Tuned for her album called “Home” releasing on November 5.

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