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Elina Filice Flight Risk
Elina Filice Flight Risk

Elina Filice – Flight Risk | open ocean

Elina Filice’s tightly crafted sophomore EP Flight Risk is a genre-defying blend of some of the more pleasant styles from r&b, electric pop and a delicious flow. It finds a way to fuse jazz piano, electric guitar and smooth 4 beat percussion to set a delightfully soulful stage for the artist to expeditiously voice her thoughts about stepping outside her comfort zone to let new experiences in. Through the EP, Filice keeps you on your toes with her ability to flow in her rapid spoken-word style through jazz melodies and indie sets alike.

The album is a culmination of five standalone singles that each explore notions of locating oneself and the self discovery that comes with pushing the envelope on adventures. She journeys through these subjects sensitively and with vulnerability, really allowing you to step into her shoes. It reminds me of songs I’d listen to when people used Nujabes’ beats, they’d always have certain alluringly relatable sensibilities to them.

The EP’s breakout track ‘Thinking of You’ is about longstanding passion full of both joys and regrets, a memory of infatuation that is tinged with melancholy ‘what if?’ She spits out her stream of consciousness to acoustic guitar licks and jazz melodies. Its my favourite track on the EP, but definitely not the least in its creative endeavours. First World Problems is universal despite its name, a track charting out ennui and the journey of a coccoon in wanting to emerge as its own person. Everything about you explores the tough times in a relationship, a mature realisation that conflict is inevitable and that weathering the storm is a matter of elbow grease. Filice’s tightly knit and thoughtful storytelling really shines across every single track on the EP.

Be it the vocal productions and jazz piano refrain like in the introspective ‘Here’ or the more gentle pop-rock tunes like Thinking of You, Filice is eager to demonstrate truly how structure-rebellious she is capable of being. She collaborates with producers and artists Claudia Crampton, Neolithic and Cat who each allow for a unique soundscapes and so experiences to emerge. The resultant variety show of genres and styles is simply awesome. Filice describes Flight Risk as a ‘project [encompassing] a year of incredible growth, both musically as an artist, […] my label, Red Vine Records. As well as perseverance, transitioning to a totally virtual career, and being a part of the resilience of the music industry.” Her multidisciplinary exploration pays off as a simply bold and one-of-a-kind musical journey. Do check it out below 🙂

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