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Becca James Perfect Girl Album Art
Becca James Perfect Girl Album Art

Becca James – Perfect Girl | Expectations

Perfect Girl is a new single release from British singer-songwriter Becca James: a sincere song about defying societal expectations to become oneself. She writes,

“I wrote Perfect Girl because I was frustrated about the things I felt I had to be and had to change to “make it” in the music industry – much of which I didn’t have access to as a working class woman, and an image I didn’t want to portray anyway. It reverberated into expectations across relationships in my life, both platonic and romantic, with the expectations placed upon me and pressures I placed upon myself to live up to some kind of ideal.”

James has always woven emotionally intimate themes into her music, and so her defiance and newfound drive finds its way into the song as well in the form of its dominant percussion rhythm and the strength of the lyric. The track utilises a multitude of harmonies that still yet piece together to set the stage for her powerful vocals and impressive range, swinging around on passionate piano melodies. A more deliberate and heartfelt alt-pop piece, do check it out.

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