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Jack Hinks God Album Art
Jack Hinks God Album Art

Jack Hinks – God | Bargaining

Jack Hinks‘ journey is a most interesting trajectory, in which he seeks to capture the true spirit of grief in musical exploration. His first two tracks in this series, Jigsaw and Plastercast embodying Acceptance and Anger respectively, his newest single God ties to that of Bargaining. Each of these tracks narratively and musically captures the essences of the stream of consciousness one experiences in those throes, and God feels like a vulnerable internal monologue that dances with issues of identity, accepting one’s life for what it is and a rejection of hedonistic pursuit – it seems rather content with its lot – many troubles and some self-inflicted.

Hinks‘ sincere vocalisations and poetically introspective lyric fit like a glove into the moody production that makes use of its piano- and guitar- breaks to guide the songs highs and lows. The track is impressively produced and it’s clear how much elbow grease went into it from its deliciously layered instrumentation. A deceitfully thought-provoking number that isn’t afraid to get right to the meat of an insecurity, do check out Hinks‘ latest, God!

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