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Loc – What Have We Done? | Regrets

Loc describes his latest single as one about regret. But, unlike the more morose and melancholic soundscape you might imagine a song about regrets would have, ‘What Have We done?’ is incredibly poppy, and in the best way possible. A unique blend of indie pop and reggaeton, it’s a song to dance to, to sing along to, and run to. Honestly, it sounds like it should be blasting on your radio’s Top 40 channel right now.

Born and brought up in London, Loc attended Law School at Newcastle University, transferring to California for a year in 2018. It was there that he found his love for writing and composing music. Having worked with Uprise Sound in Sacramento, and Sticky Studios back in the UK, he developed a unique style that is central to him and him alone. Combining hip-hop, rap, reggaeton, and folk, as well as harbouring influences that range from Ed Sheeran to Loyle Carner, Loc has created a style which hasn’t been seen before but will undoubtedly become a mainstay soon.

‘What Have We Done?’ is impossible to get out of your head once you’ve played it. The ukulele riff, the Latin pop/reggaeton-esque delivery just makes it a party song unlike any other. The whole song seems like a collection of choruses layered on top of each other, there’s not a dull moment to be had here.

If you’re looking to bust out a tune at your latest party to surprise your friends with a new banger, look no further!

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