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Iuliano - On the Radio
Iuliano - On the Radio

Iuliano – On the Radio | Deviation

The song On the Radio from Iuliano is a sonic smash between modern art, and the glorious tradition of music. It is stripped down, with its nylon-string guitar that reverberate very differently from the others. At the same time, his engineering and mastery allow the artist to combine influences and create ambiguous inspirations.

Iuliano is a producer of progressive indie music, and singer-songwriter. Further, the Italian-born musician is also a multi-instrumentalist who has been following his calling to music since he was only a little boy. First introduced to this life-changing art by his grandfather who played the piano, he has now traveled across the world with his musical sensibilities. Releasing his first solo EP in 2018, he received the Independent Music Awards in the category of β€˜Folk singer-songwriter. An alum of the legendary Berklee College of Music, Iuliano has always been experimental and progressive in his sound.

On the Radio is not just musically amusing, but it offers much to unpack with the lyrics as well. Wrapping around his spontaneously gripping melodic hooks is his insight into the modern life — of a musician and an artist. Essentially, the track is a comment on what ends up on the radio. Indirectly so, it also details how artists often finds themselves in a subjugating place that thwarts their individuality. What’s more, the media offers the listeners passive conditioning towards certain music. And in this way, artists are distraught between picking just that which fits this bill, or being truthful to their creativity.

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