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Animate-Filling Your Void
Animate-Filling Your Void
Animate-Filling Your Void

Animate-Filling Your Void | Sweeten the deal

Animate are a young band, and they are power packed to prove it. With only two incredibly catchy songs out, they’re ready to show us their catalogue, what they’re made of and what else is in store. Filling Your Void is their second release, and it really shakes the roof. Read this blurb where I ask them some questions and listen to their song below.

1) This is your second track, only a tester. What does Animate have in store for their newly minted fans?

First of all, thanks for this opportunity. We have in store a lot, we’re recording our first album, we wrote 8 new tracks and we feel that the sound we created for filling your void is the right one for us. 

Using a layered buildup, they unleash all the live instruments together, along with the vocals. The track is a rock number, yet slides comfortably between alternative styles and forms of riff fueled rock energy. Animate use a great chord progression that sticks to your mind and yanks the lyrics along for the ride.

2) Though I hear a lot of influences, who are some of the rock gods you venerate to?

It is not easy to answer to that question  because personally,  I love rock/pop and heavy/progressive metal music.  So on one hand I’d say U2, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Pink Floyd, Bowie, Clash, Cure and on the other hand Rush, Ghost, Dream Theatre,  Blue Oyster Cult, Metallica, Iron Maiden and so on.

With the wide range of influences, mostly within classic rock and metal, Animate have created their own niche. I can always hear obvious influences due to overall sound, but its nice to see names that don’t appear in the track but the musicality has transgressed their time.

Animate’s Tomorrowland had a funky, lighter sound and this packs a different punch overall. The sound is not only infectious, but well thought out and balanced in more ways than one. They are wildly different tracks, but with a shared philosophy. Out in the world to rock.

3) The sound that Animate produces has this jump between classic rock to alt-rock and even new wave elements. How do you bring about this sound?

The sound came up when we decided to put the heavy element into the song. And at that point after we saw we had a good heavy chorus and a hard rock style guitar solo we came up with the idea to create what I call “the effect segment” after the bass slap . As a musicians I really like every aspect of the guitar sound, the big heavy riffs, the funky sound and of course the ambient/effects aspect. And we want the listener to find every aspect of the guitar playing in our songs. 

The effect segment seems to be a tool that has really worked for them, and given the loop the character we hear. There are many smaller Easter eggs in the song, with effects and tone that are interesting to find out with each listen. Merging the heavy riffs and the funk produces a different aura that hangs around this tune till the very end.

4) Tomorrowland was your first single. The second track has a special moment where you show your love for funk. With live instruments, where do you draw the line for experimentation?

There should be no limit when you are trying to find your sound, your way. Experimentation was and still is the key element for us. And always will be. It takes time, for sure, but when you’re playing your instrument you have to go all the way.

Finding new sounds with their tracks, they are ready for the roller coaster they have access to. Fans will be excited to seem them after their album release, which hopefully we get to hear soon.

5) What plans does Animate have for touring? Do we see an album in the near future?

We do have plans for touring. We choose not to in this particular moment because we want to present a show that it is completely ours with our songs and it is not possible when you have only two songs out. And we don’t want to play a lot of other people’s music, cover songs. After the recording of the album we will start to put together our show. We hope  we’ll be ready by the end of this year.

It might be a year’s wait but they show you that it will definitely be worth it. Listen to Animate here:

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Promotional Disclaimer: The content in this post has been sponsored by the artist, label, or PR representative to help promote their work.Promotional Disclaimer: The content in this post has been sponsored by the artist, label, or PR representative to help promote their work.

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