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French Lobster-Rainy Night
French Lobster-Rainy Night
French Lobster-Rainy Night

French Lobster-Rainy Night | Smell the petrichor

French Lobster is an appealing visual. I picture a sophisticated lobster, complaining about the texture of bread in a “so=called café”. However, my pleasant surprise is knowing that this is a multi-instrumentalist with the most sensitive ear. This calls for quality music. Rainy Night is his latest lo-fi single.

A purist identifies lo-fi as only being associated to hip-hop. A purist is also an idiot to do that. Using a hip-hop beat, alternative lo-fi creators have found a niche of music that can’t be classified by style. It just is. Rainy Night takes the theme of a light thunderstorm and gives you the warmth of a cup of cocoa. With a rooted sound in the guitar instrumental. You’re swept away by the solo that leads the soul of the track. It is moving, simple and is just a waltz around the riff. The melody is a warming, mesmerizing piece that makes you want to put this one on loop.

Etched into the lo-fi indie artists of Spotify is French Lobster. He’s been featured on several lo-fi instrumental playlists, and people dig the resoundingly simple sound he stirs so many narratives with. His 3 other double A-sides are available to stream on Spotify. Trust me, this one is for whether it pours or not.

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