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"Shiva in Flagrante" by Jacques Bailhé
"Shiva in Flagrante" by Jacques Bailhé
"Shiva in Flagrante" by Jacques Bailhé

“Shiva in Flagrante” by Jacques Bailhé: A Reckless Avant-Garde Jazz Fusion Opus

In a world where music genres are meticulously categorized, Jacques Bailhé fearlessly breaks the mold with his avant-garde experimental improvisational jazz rock fusion album, “Shiva in Flagrante.” This LA-based composer, known for his work in films and TV, unveils a musical masterpiece that spans 10 songs and captivates listeners for a concise 39 minutes.

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Bailhé’s diverse background shines through in every aspect of this album. Having spent years as a touring bassist for Big Lost and studying Sitar in India and Nepal, his multi-instrumentalist prowess is on full display. From the mesmerizing sitar to the skillful guitar, drums, piano, and keyboards, Bailhé’s musical talents know no bounds. Drawing inspiration from legendary artists such as Weather Report, Miles Davis, Ravi Shankar, Hendrix, The Beatles, and George Martin, Bailhé crafts a sonic adventure that defies conventional labels. The instrumental nature of the album allows listeners to immerse themselves fully in the music, transcending the boundaries of language and conveying emotions through pure sound.

“Shiva in Flagrante” is a bold and daring record that takes listeners on an unpredictable journey. Each track possesses its own unique identity, from the meandering percussion-driven “In the Alley” to the enigmatic and organic sounds of “Smoke.” Bailhé masterfully weaves together elements of jazz, rock, and electronic music, resulting in an improvisational sound that keeps the listener engaged throughout. One standout track, “The 7th Sense,” bears resemblance to The Beatles’ experimental piece “Revolution 9” but with an added touch of elegance. The composition mesmerizes with its unconventional structure and unconventional use of sounds, leaving an indelible mark on the listener’s mind. Jacques Bailhé is a maverick!

The album’s title track, “Shiva in Flagrante,” is a quiet yet esoteric masterpiece. Starting with the haunting tones of tabla, the song gradually builds in intensity, culminating in a grand display of dissonance. It encapsulates the album’s overarching theme and showcases Bailhé’s ability to create an immersive musical narrative.

Accompanying the music is the tantra Buddhist art cover, adding an aesthetic dimension to the listening experience. It serves as a visual representation of Bailhé’s vision, further immersing the listener in the world he has created. “Shiva in Flagrante” stands as a testament to Bailhé’s fearless pursuit of artistic expression. By combining elements of jazz, rock, and fusion, he breaks free from musical constraints, offering a truly unique and captivating listening experience. This album is a celebration of improvisation, experimentation, and the limitless boundaries of music.

“Shiva in Flagrante” by Jacques Bailhé is a reckless abandon of avant-garde jazz fusion. Its genre-defying nature, masterful instrumentation, and captivating storytelling make it a must-listen for any music enthusiast seeking a bold and audacious sonic adventure. Get ready to embark on a journey like no other, where the limits of musical exploration are pushed and artistic boundaries shattered.

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