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Aubrey Monster
Aubrey Monster
Aubrey Monster

Aubrey Unleashes a Grunge Alt Rock Banger with ‘Monster’

Aubrey, the power alt-rock trio hailing from London, takes us by a storm with their latest single, “Monster.” This powerhouse of a track effortlessly blends elements of alternative hard rock and grunge, delivering an electrifying listening experience that leaves you craving more.

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From the very first bar, it’s evident that Aubrey has crafted a heavy sound that’s both hauntingly dark and irresistibly catchy. The guitars and drums hit like a sonic avalanche, creating a sonic landscape that’s reminiscent of the iconic Nirvana-era grunge mixed with elements of Soundgarden and Alice in Chains, while also carving out their unique sonic niche.

“Monster” introduces listeners to the formidable talents of the band’s members: Amelia, Sean, and Sam. Their synergy is palpable, with each member contributing their own distinct flair to the mix. Amelia’s vocals are raw and emotionally charged, perfectly complementing the heavy instrumentation. There is some great power riffing and other well-crafted parts. Drumming is thunderous, anchoring the track with a relentless rhythm that propels it forward. The song is rooted in grunge of old with a thoroughly modern edge, making it a track that feels both refreshingly new and rooted in something familiar. It’s a head-banging anthem that’s impossible to resist.

“Monster” resurrects the grunge spirit in an electrifying way with the feel of goth rock. Whether you’re a fan of alternative hard rock or simply love a heavy, dark sound, this track is a must-listen. Aubrey is undeniably a band to listen to, and this is a stellar addition to their growing discography. Don’t miss out on this sonic gem that’s sure to a fan favourite

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