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Xuavage Love - KISS CASH | Mesmerizing
Xuavage Love - KISS CASH | Mesmerizing

Xuavage Love – KISS CASH | Mesmerizing

Xuavage Love is known for his contemporary pop-rock music and makes sure that his listeners connect to him on a deeper level, through music. Nuanced soundscapes in his songs bring about a unique wave of emotions and experiences that’s quite rare to find.

Xuavage Love recently released a song called KISS CASH which is an exquisite, slow-paced, subdued track with perfect muffled beats and mesmerizing details. The song begins in a stylish and refined manner and the stunning vocals kick in soon enough to make you feel the textures. The song feels so smooth because of how beautifully the production has been done. There are so many little, delicate details about the track that may not be intelligible on the first listen but all add to the greatness of this track and make it what it is. These subtleties add up to the magnificence that the KISS CASH is. And when you listen to the songs multiple times and each time you stumble upon something new, that means the song is well-crafted. The song features some great tunes and the track is catchy in the best of ways. It lingers in your head for a while if you listen to it carefully and yet it isn’t over-the-top catchy that it lacks art. Everything is beautifully concocted together and KISS CASH does feel like a great concoction of beautiful lyrics, amazing vocals, stunning and smooth soundscapes, and an overall amazing flow!

You shouldn’t miss out on this one.

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