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proxoxie - no sleep
proxoxie - no sleep

“No Sleep” by Proxoxie is an Exhilirating Delight in the World of Electro-Pop

Meet Proxoxie a multi-talented artist from Detroit, Michigan. Proxoxie’s creativity is limitless. She is a blogger, taxidermy collector, fan fiction writer, and radio broadcaster. She actually stands out, though, owing to her music and ownership of meme account. Proxoxie’s music has been a hit in Scenecore and Hyperpop circles since her breakout single “Benny Can You Feel My Pain” in 2021. Enjoy her engaging performances at renowned venues such as Maidstone Theatre and the Shelter. Proxoxie’s music fosters an open and uplifting environment through collaborations with prominent musicians like Black Smurf, Swagwitme2k, and Lil Yawh. Enjoy the beauty in her thought-provoking works.

“No Sleep,” Proxoxie’s latest electro-pop track, is a euphoric treat. The music is led by layered female vocals, which are backed by excellent and dynamic synth work and an arresting bassline. The electronic elements of “No Sleep” offer an added level of brilliance. Despite the layered vocals, the delightful soft tone remains, which I absolutely love.

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Despite its limited duration, “No Sleep” creates an indelible impression, showcasing Proxoxie’s indisputable talent. You’ll find yourself effortlessly vibing along with the music when all of the elements come together in a climax moment. The concept of the track seeps into your head, wandering around every corner of your head, which is actually in contrast with the ambiance of the song.

“No Sleep” is a wonderful addition to your party playlist. Proxoxie’s talent shines through, creating a compelling musical journey that will have you engaged in its irresistible rhythm from the very first note.

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Enjoy listening to “No Sleep” by Proxoxie here.

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