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Piano Prince-Nebula
Piano Prince-Nebula
Piano Prince-Nebula

Piano Prince takes us through a star trek with their album, “Nebula”

Prepare to be transported to other worlds with Piano Prince. This is a musician who has expressed through every extent of this wondrous instrument, to create galaxies that you can escape into. Their latest album is a collection of sounds that would like to transport you to other places-the depths of space. This is their latest collection, Nebula

Piano prince brings the stars to us

The addiction is towards this melodious cosmic dust that Piano Prince shows us. The opening single, Whenever I Saw You is an inspirational, yet in moments morose song. As you lead down the path, there is a delve into the minor scale, that you seem to get imbibed into. This changes hue with Molecular– a dissection of another kind. A simple arpeggio keeps the spine of the song, while chord changes are measured in it as well. Leads dance into the dark dust that is glowing with this strange luminescence. Piano Prince brilliantly captures emotions despite words- a talent their music has become a symbol for. 

A notational exploration

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If you have heard their singles like Soaring, you can see how this is a thematic shift into something specific. It is not only a world with emotion and, like protagonists, their play. It breaks the incidents and events into something elemental-the emotion easy to gauge with its incredible depth. The variation in tempo, tones and breaks has the whole premise encapsulated into something gorgeous. Typically, explorations with a single instrument start becoming uni-dimensional. Piano Prince challenges these notions with their incredible compositions. Some might leave you teary-eyed, some in deep thought, and some in a profound state of melancholy. Each arrangement is designed to compassionately surface each emotion with the buoy of observation and musical transformation. The Calling is a song like this, almost going into a state of meditative leisure. 

Sehnsucht has that tinge of Cohen’s Hallelujah for a second, before it digresses into another breathtaking song. The soul is retained, where it almost becomes a conversation with the pulse and spirit. This might vary in songs like Phoenix, where notational nuances are spread thin. Like a particular tempo’s design, each arrangement is a speak of the symphony and what essence it leaves behind with the listener.

Colour, through black and white

A collection like this is rare to come by, especially with someone so young-a prodigal maestro. The higher register of songs like Solar Eclipse marks that time the envelope takes, making it exciting. As you move from this to Volatile (Losing You), there is a breath of fresh air again. It is a subtle yet specific approach to songwriting, in whatever process has unfolded. The album’s masterpiece A Grain Of Space Dust takes you to the portal. Here you journey through tones and tempos, in this delicious tapas of melodies. 

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By the time you explore Orange Moon, you’re invested within this album. As an artist, Piano Prince creates something even they might not be able to gauge as a whole. In parts, it is an appreciation of honest musings, flows of thought and developing a unique style. Listen to their awe-inspiring album here with us!:

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