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The Levy Circus | Seriously | Original Music | Indie Rock
The Levy Circus | Seriously | Original Music | Indie Rock

The Levy Circus defies modern shortcuts with their original masterpiece ‘Seriously’

Music today has become so much easier to compose. With AI, new tools, loops and so many other shortcuts, music is something you can do by just clicking buttons. But, even then, the most important thing is having a ‘good ear’. Amidst all this, a few bands still compose such mind-blowingly original music that even with all these shortcuts, it is tough to replicate. And that, is what I like to call real music! Not that music generated with these modern techniques is bad, but just not as human! Being human adds a layer to music that just brings the listener to the same plane as the artist. And this connection is all that matters. Levy Circus falls in the latter, with an original sound that transcends time and space. Their music is all set to become the stalwart classic tracks of the future.

Miles Levy and Graham Jones are the beating hearts of The Levy Circus and they take the music to another level, with their masterful songwriting and melodies. The Levy Circus is a band with five masters that come together like the five elements. They give life to the music they create, just like the elements. Their lyrics pierce your soul and its like the singer is speaking directly to “YOU”. You feel important and that you matter, and that is a beautiful feat to achieve through music.

Seriously is their latest single and its an intimate song with beautiful melodies and breathtaking vocals.

“There is a time for illusion; There’s a time for all doubt; I’ve got mental distractions that I’m never without”

The lyrics in this song are so intimate that you almost feel as if the singer is a close friend of yours and is venting out his issues to you on a lonely night together! That’s an amazing feeling, it makes you feel what the artists feel and it takes you to a place of empathy. The guitar work is absolutely amazing, with layers that trickle down into each other, creating a beautiful soundscape for the listener. Originality at its finest. An original track with original music to stand out from the crowd today!

The song is a crescendo that slowly evolves into a phase that feels as if the singer cannot talk anymore because of how much hes hurt. To be able to make that connection with the audience shows how masterful the singing is. Every ounce of emotion pours through the lyrics and to top it all, there is a chorus that fades in toward the middle of the track to just give the listener goosebumps.

Hats off to The Levy Circus for this masterpiece and many more to come. Give it a listen, you won’t be disappointed in these indie rock legends. Remember, these songs are going to be classics in the future, get your hands on them while you can….. I’m not kidding!

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