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Blake – The Book on Love | Heartwarming
Blake – The Book on Love | Heartwarming

Blake – The Book on Love | Heartwarming

Blake is a singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist from the UK. The name Blake is after his favourite poet William Blake. His songwriting skills make him stand out as an artist, but that’s not all. With inspiring words, remarkable soundscapes, and soulful pace, Blake easily becomes a classic artist.

His recent album is The Book on Love which has been garnering quite some love from his listeners. The Book on Love is a classic, rock, retro-influenced album that evokes many feelings and explores love in a beautiful manner. The tunes and the whole musicality of the album are such that it makes you grow soft as soon as you start listening to each and every song. The album consists of songs that carry different flavours yet talk about the same thing; the matters of the heart. Once you listen to the whole album you’d realize that there are many treasures in the song you can pick for yourself and cherish for a long time. Even though there are many things that might come as a surprise in this album, everything makes sense and everything contributes to the essence of the tracks. You would want to listen to some tracks again and again to feel the same warmth and tenderness and to explore the depth they offer.

The song The Book on Love is a classic rock number that has intense retro undertones. With soulfulness like no other, The Book on Love will soothe your soul to some next level if you are fond of rock and retro music in general. In fact, the whole album is a great package that will especially please the rock geeks out there. With special retro soundscapes, nostalgic feel, rustic effects, and homelike familiarity, the album invades your entire soul in no time.

Great work has been done on vocals. Blake is remarkable when it comes to giving life to lyrics that might have appeared melancholic on paper. His ingenuity works its magic in each and every song. The songs get a remarkable depth and layers for you to unfold. As it is often said, that art that carries a bunch of layers to it and presents a story through these layers, just to address a single thing or feeling, is the art that is widely enjoyed and loved. And it can’t be more true.

Moreover, The Book On Love is not just an album that makes you tender, it should be praised for how brilliantly it has been created. From lyrics to tunes, and more importantly, how well the execution has taken place, The Book on Love makes for a commendable piece of music. His music reflects his experience and musical wisdom. And we are all for it!

Let’s know what he has to say about the album:

1. What inspired you to create this album that explores love so beautifully?

This is my third album for independent label, Subjangle. My previous album, Kaleidoscope, was deliberately an eclectic mix of musical styles and lyrical themes. I wanted my new record to be a cohesive work with an overarching theme. After writing the title track, I realised that it could be an album of songs exploring relationships. I also thought that the cover art could reflect that unity if it resembled an actual book, so that’s where the idea of the Penguin paperback style came from. Before I signed with Subjangle, I self-published my music under a vanity label name, ‘Rockhopper Records’. A Rockhopper is a type of penguin, so it seemed right to feature a Rockhopper penguin on the cover!

2. Are there any highlights in your musical journey that you would never forget? Any special moments?

A week before The Book on Love was released, I performed at The Cavern Club in Liverpool as part of the International Pop Overthrow music festival. This was a dream come true for me being a die-hard Beatles fanatic, so you could say that 2022 is turning out to be pretty special!

3. Who’s your musical inspiration? Your role models?

The Beatles, obviously, but I also really love Donovan and Peter Green’s Fleetwood Mac. My music has more than a little sixties influence! I’m still finding out about brilliant bands from the late sixties and early seventies that have completely escaped my radar. I’m now massively into Badfinger, for example. I’m currently reading ‘Electric Eden’ by Rob Young which is introducing me to a lot of British folk-rock. Someone recently remarked that my music sounds “very British”, and I’m very happy to consider myself part of that musical tradition.

4. We view your music as inspiring, deep, and heartfelt. How do you define your music?

I usually define it as sixties-influenced Indie Pop and Rock, but, yes, it’s certainly heartfelt. I try to be really honest when I’m writing songs and I also attempt to write with at least a little bit of depth. Things are more interesting for the listener, in my view, if there are layers to uncover. The relationships that the songs explore are not just romantic ones, but also about our relationship to things like our mortality, ourselves and to God, or whatever we consider any ‘higher power’ to be.

5. What’s next for Blake? Anything that your fans should look forward to?

I intend to take a well-earned break from writing and recording for the summer, at least, but I hope to play a few shows here and there. I have been working on an album of cover versions of some of my favourite songs for a while now, so I may try and complete this sometime later in the year. Thanks very much for the questions!

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