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Mick J Clark-At Last
Mick J Clark-At Last
Mick J Clark-At Last

Mick J Clark spreads messages of love with his singer-songwriter charm in “At Last”

An expressive songwriter like Mick J Clark is hard to come by. His music has been around for long, he is the epitome of a superb indie musician. The collection he has amassed listens in the thousands on Spotify. His track from 2010 is being revisited, this one is called At Last.

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His piano and guitar melody goes a long way. It is an exciting song, with a touch of all that classic rock goodness. The minimal instrumental parts allow his poetic, simple lyrics memorable and a point of focus. It becomes more relevant, these lyrics, especially in the light of the terrible war between Isreal and Palestine. Mick has a special message regarding it, to stop killing and injuring women and children in wars. It is cruel, cowardly and wrong. It becomes all the more relevant given the fact that Mick J Clark always spreads joy and love with his music.

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Humanity needs to come together to stand for each other, support and comfort one another. At Last has a special gravity in this tumultuous time. It creates the ripple effect required to hear the melancholy and grateful vocal textures in the song, making for a heartfelt expression. 

You can listen to his songs like We Will Never Surrender and We Know It’s True, among other catchy songs. He is a once in a lifetime talent, and the indie music community loves listening to his expressive tracks. Listen to his single here and make sure to spread love and cheer !:

Follow him on his Instagram- https://www.instagram.com/clarkmickj/ 

and twitter- https://twitter.com/MickjclarkJ

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