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Jacquie Joy ft. Nomi Abadi – You’ll Feel Nothing | Celestial Stimulation

You’ll Feel Nothing by Jacquie Joy featuring Nomi Abadi is the former’s newest single released on July 11th, 2022. Jacquie Joy is a music composer with a liberating understanding of musical movements. Her musical journeys are mind boggling to the point of inspiration. You’ll Feel Nothing curates a celestial rhythm experience that pervades and sticks to you.

The song is a colorful mosaic of ethereal music, dance beats, starry synths, meditative melodies and gorgeous harmonies. With a calming melody ascension, the song quickly acquires a dancing tempo. The vocals have a mystical quality to them, mysterious and promiscuous like the siren’s call. Electric synth cycles gracefully surf the tides of the underlying echoing bass lines between the verses. With regular tonal changes and hyper voice modulations, the song challenges the conventional song orientations and surprises the listener with every curve.

Electronic dance beats roll relentlessly and patiently in the background as the melodies and vocals weave a quilt of sonic rhythms. The empyrean synth harmony bridge is like a bright shining light, warm and energizing the whooshing wave of vocal harmonies. The song gives the listener a case of dancing legs and uncontrollable head bobbing. The meditative music at the beginning and end of the song gives it a new musical tangent altogether.

With unflinching and deep vocals coating and ravishing your mind, the song stimulates your auditory nerves to no end. Contrary to the title, the song contains transcendental rhythms that stimulates your being to feel and interact with all things. An excellent rendition of EDM, the song is a must listen.

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