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domi contre - lips go dry
domi contre - lips go dry

The Sensual Melodies of ‘Lips Go Dry’ by Domi Contre Will Have You Hooked

Presenting Domi Contre a talented musician whose work reflects her love of jazz and black and white movies. They set out on a musical journey with love and authenticity, with London serving as her home and Adam Hoos as her creative partner. Domi Contre’s lovely melodies incorporate with sophisticated production, blending hip-hop and jazz into a captivating contemporary vibe. Experience the beauty of her melodic tunes and whisk yourself away to a world where the old and the new collide, where honest ambitions meet artistic expression.

Domi Contre has released a new single, “Lips Go Dry.” A sense of anticipation fills the air from the minute the haunting synths fill in. A personal connection develops when Domi’s beautiful vocals enchant the song.

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The interplay of the synth work and bassline is nothing short of amazing, leading to a lovely blend of harmonies that touch the soul. The song actually comes alive when the gentle male vocals quickly combine with Domi’s voice. It creates a beautiful and passionate spell on the listener. Each keystroke creates a deep internal resonance.

“Lips Go Dry” by Domi Contre is an invitation to unwind and engage in a moment of peace owing to its slow pace and lo-fi electro-pop vibe. Its calm yet sensual ambiance, softly infused with a touch of gloominess, makes you hit the play again and again. The dreamlike and passionate melodies of “Lips Go Dry” will take you to a place of serenity and introspection. This one is truly a work of art and deserves a million plays!

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Enjoy listening to “Lips Go Dry” by Domi Contre here.

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