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Matthew S Horner | Outta Time | Singer-Songwriter | Rebellious
Matthew S Horner | Outta Time | Singer-Songwriter | Rebellious

Matthew Horner’s Rebellious Album ‘Outta Time’: Embrace the Spirited Sound

In a world that often prioritizes responsibilities and conformity, there are individuals who possess an unwavering spark, a unique and special flame that defies the passage of time. This vital force, reminiscent of the teenage years, may temporarily lie dormant to make room for the so-called “adulting” priorities but always lingers, ready to resurface at any given moment. Even amidst the trappings of adulthood, your work seemingly entangled in a bourgeois world, that rebellious spirit will forever reside within, the source of the most profound experiences of your life.

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Matthew S. Horner, a musician, composer, and Punk-Pop dad, has recently released his debut album titled “Outta Time.” This collection of eight tracks is now ready to be heard and shared, a culmination of months of hard work where the artist has successfully manifested a sound that embraces pop, punk, and his fascination with synths and experimental sounds. Let’s embark on a captivating journey through Horner’s musical landscape.

The album kicks off with the aptly named “Comatose,” a track that serves as a striking introduction to what lies ahead. This opener embodies many of Matthew’s distinctive elements—catchy melodic vocals, rock energy, and a keen focus on keyboards and arrangements. It’s a statement that sets the stage for the tracks to follow.

“Tailspin,” the second offering, is a pop-rock gem infused with rebellious electronic elements. It captivates listeners with its various sections, each highlighting the diverse musical influences of the artist. From start to finish, it maintains an infectious energy that keeps you engaged.

Diving deeper into the album, we encounter “Inside Out,” an ambiguous and original composition. It seamlessly blends acoustic guitars with heavy rock riffs, interspersed with grunge-inspired phrasings and a diverse range of vocal registers. Notably, the attention to detail in the arrangement elevates this track, making it a highly intriguing piece.

“Embers” unravels a more introspective side of Matthew Horner, showcasing his singer-songwriter prowess. It resembles an unfiltered and heartfelt grunge ballad that marks the album’s midpoint, creating a moment of contemplation and emotional resonance.

“Heart Remember” emerges as a resolute and energetic rock anthem. While this mid-tempo powerhouse reveals the artist’s wild and raw spirit, “Little Buddy” presents an acoustic episode that exposes Matthew’s softer and sentimental side.

“Scars Like Badges” slows down the tempo, evoking memories of semi-acoustic episodes from grunge and pop-punk bands in the mid-’90s. With its restless romanticism, this track manages to hypnotize and immerse listeners in its captivating atmosphere.

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Finally, “A Summer High” brings the album to a close. In this concluding track, the artist bids farewell with a positive and sunny song. Its ear-catching melody and the nostalgic atmosphere it exudes can transport us back to those moments at the end of summer vacations, where newfound friends bid each other farewell, eyes shining with the knowledge of having found a true connection.

“Outta Time,” Matthew Horner’s debut album, resurrects the rebellious spirit of punk and pop, fusing inspirations from numerous genres to produce a sonic experience that is both exciting and poignant. Horner’s musical journey, from the addictive energy of “Comatose” to the introspective profundity of “Embers,” strikes a chord with listeners who seek authenticity and a respite from the commonplace. With his melodic vocals, rock-infused energy, and meticulous attention to arrangement, Matthew Horner has crafted a collection of tracks that speak to the free-spirited teenager within us all. “Outta Time” is an invitation to rediscover that unique spark, the eternal flame that never truly extinguishes.

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