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It's always been you by antony alexander
It's always been you by antony alexander

“It’s Always Been You”: Feel the Summer Vibes with Antony Alexander’s Upbeat New Single

Get ready to be blown away by the passion and dedication of London’s very own EDM artist, Antony Alexander! Music is not just a hobby, but a way of life for this Kent County resident. From a young age, Antony’s fingers danced across the keyboard, experimenting with notes and sounds, paving the way for his future as a musical maestro. His love for music only grew stronger with time as he dove headfirst into the synth revolution, exploring the depths of multi-tracking and finding inspiration in the likes of New Order, The Buggles, and The Shamen. It’s no wonder that Antony is now making waves in the world of EDM!

Antony Alexander, a master of melody and rhythm, has unleashed his latest sonic creation, “It’s always been you”. This upbeat and vibrant single pulsates with the energy of a perfect summer day, imbued with the irresistible allure of progressive house and dance music. From the very first note, I was swept away by the exuberant female vocals that soar effortlessly above the mix, adding depth and dimension to the already buoyant melody.

Within moments of hitting play, you’ll find yourself humming along to the addictive refrain, “It’s always been you”. The variations of this refrain are nothing short of stunning, with each new iteration building upon the last and taking the listener on a joyous journey of sound and sensation.

And let’s not forget the expertly crafted instrumentation that underpins it all – the euphoric synths that dance and dart across the mix, the bassline that drives the rhythm with a deft touch, shifting effortlessly between slow and fast momentum. This is a track that knows how to make you move, to make you feel alive and invigorated.

It’s rare to come across an EDM track that manages to maintain a consistent melody, but this song achieves that with effortless ease. Antony Alexander has done it again, delivering a song that is at once polished and personal, vibrant and vital, and destined to be a dancefloor classic.

Enjoy listening to “It’s always been you” here.

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