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Urban Walrus-August Rain
Urban Walrus-August Rain
Urban Walrus-August Rain

Urban Walrus-August Rain | Sombre pitter-patter

This Urban Walrus, is a poet not from this time. The music that is resultant of deep thought and free flow of ideas. The artist that can view the same world we view, but bring poetry t it. That is the kind of music that moves, motivates and brings people together. This is his latest single, August Rain.

You’ve had some great reactions to your tracks, especially Pie in the Sky. What do you think draws people to your songs?

I guess there’s something timeless about my songs. As an independent artist, I enjoy the luxury of not chasing after any trends or concepts. I do what I like and don’t care much about genres, styles, or such. But I do pay a lot of attention to details when it comes to song structure, instrumentation and especially lyrics. I change my lyrics like a hundred times before I finally record the song.

Soothing atmospheres are constant in your songs. Do you constantly gravitate towards these, or do they flow more naturally toward your lyrics?

I don’t think I’m doing this on purpose, really. It naturally develops during the procedure of writing and producing the song. Also, in most of my songs you hear some acoustic guitar or piano parts, which adds some calming touch to the whole piece.

Like Coldplay’s X&Y appeal, there is a friendly comfort in the songs he makes. While they vibrate with the frequency of friendship, love and longing, the songs are from the heart. The particular attention to detail for the sound ad lyrics make it that much closer. The trials of life seem to be wedged with this pillow of succor and joy. This track has one of the best chorus parts you’ll hear, in terms of lyrics and performance. The harmonics vibrate with the synth’s softness, yet fall in the middle with their level in terms of production. The piano and synths are in their own dream dance.

What do you think has been the biggest change in your sound since your hit single?

Overall, I don’t think much has changed. One would still instantly recognize the “Urban Walrus Sound” whether it was a faster tune or a more laid-back song like “August Rain”. I guess my bass lines have improved. (I love playing bass though it’s not my prime instrument.)

Are there aspects of songwriting that you gravitate towards? Like Tom Petty’s lyricism etc…

Tom Petty really was one of the greats, especially when it comes to storytelling in songs. Often times, there are just some scraps of words that fly to me and when I find them interesting, they will stay with me and resonate. More words come to it, and I start thinking of what story I could tell with it.

My lyrics are mostly about personal experiences, observations, or thoughts in general, wrapped in metaphors and symbolic. I’m not giving advice, nor do I want to be preachy about anything.

Urban Walrus knows that the music that reaches everyone has to have a postulation that the world relates to. When your heart is on your sleeve, and the climate collides with the mood-something magical is formed. There’s a reason that just with 3 songs, this artist has created sensual shockwaves of blissful sound.

What will we hear next from Urban Walrus? Is it an EP or maybe a collaboration?

Right now, I am working on several songs simultaneously. The next release is scheduled for early January 2023. The studio is booked for next week.

The collaboration with my good friend and producer Jeannot Steck will continue. He is a real pro and has worked with many international top artists. So, I am very humble and grateful we can team up for the new song once again.

There is a rich tapestry of sound to be heard from this sensational artist. We cannot wait for the kind of sound his new songs will bring. Till then, listen to his single August Rain here:

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