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Be’lakor-Foothold | Meteor

That’s the only way I could define something this massive I heard. Be’lakor aren’t a young group, they have been pugilists of Melodic death metal for the past 15 years. Their latest single is called Foothold, and grab on to something, because it is fueled with raucous euphoria.

Starting with a prog metal Trivium style opening, Be’lakor unleash several proportions of neatly packed dynamite onto the listener. It is difficult to imagine a track by the group that hasn’t been composed and pieced finely. With Mozart like accuracy that too. Foothold is no less, a 7 minute melodic epic that is a voyage through the seas and dominates the far away land.

The symphonic aura behind the song suggests an Amon Amarth like energy. However, Be’lakor aren’t ready to dismiss it as a simple tale from Norse mythology. The layered guitars are a tidal wave ready to sweep the land, while the steady double bass rings you into the track. For its duration, it seems like the song melts time away and the instruments feel precisely like that. Awe-inspiring to see a group transcend limitations of what concedes to radio time and the mainstream.

Using a different style to propagate compared to Hidden Window, Foothold changes its footprint through the song. It tries to absorb and then assimilate, creating a work of art worthy of the band we all love and admire. Two singles down and I can’t wait for their new album “Coherence” releasing on October 29th, until then listen to their new electrifying single Foothold here:

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