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Wednesday's Child-Theda
Wednesday's Child-Theda
Wednesday's Child-Theda

Wednesday’s Child-Theda | Non-sequitur

Wednesday’s Child are a drama act you’ll see unfold through the clefs and bars you don’t understand in a music sheet. Not only is their sound unique, but their execution is a mixture of the kind of art they are inspired by. Sometimes, maybe nobody can understand them but themselves. In a way, that’s what makes them a standout act-while life gives birth to newer, contemporary art. They break the norms again with their single, Theda.

In terms of composition, you’ll not be able to place your finger anywhere. This doesn’t mean Wednesday’s Child don’t make for an entertaining listen. Maybe having heard this much rock music, you can find yourself within 3 walls you recognize. The fourth, in the case of this band, seems to be the guiding wall to the maze. Jazz elements pepper the melody while you try to claw back to the 4/4 you know about. There is entertainment on streaming platforms that use a formula. Then there’s this. In case the music wasn’t enough, try to keep up with the lyrics and the layers. 

With their 2021 self-titled EP, they made a Venus fly trap for a visiting card. You seem to be addicted with the way they arrange a song, it’s familiar, but you were just pretending in front of your friends. You’re in for a joyride every time this band takes to the stage, or recording studio. Listen to their brilliant track here, along with masterpieces like I Want You to Want Me. For now, Theda is your highlight reel in audio form:

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