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Dylan Sherry – Ur Love | Musical Escapade

Dylan Sherry is an LA based musician with a lot of potential. The young man already has a dedicated fan base as well as industry recognition through his popularity on Stereo Stickman and We All Want Someone sites among others. Dylan began his musical career at a young age, playing guitar and drums among other instruments. He was a member of a high school band called Green Day, which was driven by bands like Sublime, Operation Ivy, and Led Zeppelin. Dylan Sherry is gaining popularity iand  becoming more prominent in the music scene globally.  He has been featured in iHeart Radio, California’s KCSN (88.5 FM) and Rockol Magazine.His inclinations shifted dramatically as he neared the end of high school, becoming hooked on surf, 60s rock, Motown, and old country. Johnny Cash, The Ventures, The Kinks, Etta James, and Smokey Robinson are among his most influential artists.

From the very first moments of Dylan’s EP ‘Ur Love,’ it’s apparent that music-makers have a lot to learn from this terrific musician. He successfully blends elements from different genres, is unique in his approach and even when he jumps from one genre to another it’s done so naturally. In the end, after listening to four different songs clocking in at 13 minutes each , you can’t help but conclude that Dylan Sherry has managed to provide us with an incredibly well-balanced album. Congrats on managing such a tremendous undertaking!

You might say that the album ‘Ur Love’ is like an adventurous train ride through mountains, valleys and rivers that changes course almost entirely by the end. We begin with a relatively calm tune called ‘What U Need’ which immediately sets the tone for what we can expect as we travel further on through the country. However, around this point in the album, we find ourselves changing direction completely and heading into an even more different territory. The smooth transition towards an indie influence in songs like ‘Ride Away’ and ‘Want Ur Love,’ giving the listener good tastes of commercial rock music alongside some retro fashion elements. There is much strife ahead – but look carefully and you’ll find tranquillity in the form of the instrumental masterpiece, ‘How To Stay Lonely’ which shows Sherry’s true potential in creating beautiful music from simple melodies. Dylan Sherry, along with his sweet and soft-spoken voice, ingeniously creates yet another magnificent experience!

Enjoy listening to Ur Love here.

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