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Autorub Women of the Right
Autorub Women of the Right
Autorub Women of the Right

Autorub’s Witty Hard-Hitting Rock with Political Satire Record ‘Women of the Right’

New York indie rock act, Autorub, has released their latest political satire the mini-EP “Women of the Right.” This two-track marvel, led by the multi-talented Michael Corn, offers a refreshing fusion of hard rock vibes and witty political satire. With a runtime of just over six minutes, these tracks pack a punch that leaves listeners craving more.

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Michael Corn, known for his past contributions to bands like ‘Sammy’ and ‘Heydevils,’ showcases his prowess. Having composed for popular TV shows such as “Pawn Stars,” “Wahlburgers,” and “Duck Dynasty,” Corn brings his experience to the forefront of Autorub’s sound. “Women of the Right” shows the band’s ability to craft relevant, engaging, and downright enjoyable rock and roll. Autorub draws inspiration from a wide range of musical influences including Beck, Foo-Fighters, Prince, Stevie Wonder, and Daft Punk. This diverse blend of inspiration shines through in their music, contributing to the EP’s rich and captivating sound.

The first track, “Kari Lake Blocked Me on Twitter,” kicks off with a free-flowing rock rhythm that seamlessly combines elements of garage rock and polished energy. The song’s groovy drums, vocal melodies, and flowing guitar work create an irresistible sonic experience. The lyrics playfully target election denier Kari Lake, who has earned the dubious honor of blocking the band on Twitter. This spirited song encapsulates Autorub’s ability to weave humor into their music while maintaining a catchy and straightforward appeal.

“Big Girl Big Gun,” the EP’s second track, takes a different approach by starting with acoustic guitar notes that gradually lead into electrifying, slightly juicy lead guitars. The introduction of smooth drums is followed by fuzzy guitar chords and riffs that establish a truly groovy and syncopated atmosphere. The song’s arrangement creates an engaging soundscape that builds anticipation. We are treated to a tasty outro guitar solo which adds an extra layer of depth, showcasing the band’s instrumental groove.

“Women of the Right” masterfully balances modern and classic rock influences, resulting in tracks that are both familiar and fresh. The seamless integration of infectious melodies, driving rhythms, and thought-provoking lyrics elevates the listening experience. Whether you’re a fan of iconic acts like the Stones, the Who, or modern giants like Weezer and Green Day, Autorub’s EP would appeal to you.

In a world that often takes itself too seriously, Autorub’s “Women of the Right” EP offers a delightful escape. It showcases the enduring power of rock music to entertain, critique, engage, and make us smile. With their impeccable musicality and clever songwriting, Autorub cements their place as a rock band with a message. So, plug in your headphones, turn up the volume, and let Autorub take you on a whirlwind rock and roll adventure. Do not miss this!

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