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carδamo - androgenise
carδamo - androgenise

ANDROGENISE by Carδamo Is a Trailblazing Experimental Pop Album With Unconventional Brilliance  

Carδamo is a versatile musician who creates amazing music out of personal experiences.  Carδamo’s goal is to combine the worlds of “Experimental” and “Pop” Music, drawing inspiration from PC Music and the Underground Alt-Electronic scene. Their goal is to create a setting that is as real as it is emotional, eliciting a noticeable response. It’s about confronting emotions and creating beauty from the fragments.  Carδamo’s art is a journey that includes tragedy and anguish as well as joy and liberation.  

“ANDROGENISE,” their latest album, begins with the self-titled happening track. The electro-pop vibes are elevated by excellent synth work and amazing beats, which are accompanied by vocals with a robotic edge. The concept of the song intends to dive into various issues like body image, societal pressures, and the yearning for self-acceptance and transformation. The track takes an unexpected turn halfway through, giving an eerie tone, which took me by surprise.  

Up next is “NBNBNBN,” and let me tell you, I’m absolutely smitten with this track! The combination of EDM elements and pop vibes make this an excellent addition to any party playlist. The vocals have a quirky and goofy tone. The multi-layered composition of the song features amazing rap incorporation as well.  It’s an incredible musical journey.  

“SCREAM ABOUT” is an interesting track that creates suspense from the first note. The first notes have an Arabic music air due to what I believe to be is incorporation of the oud riffs. Rap verses are sprinkled throughout. The unexpected integration of Indian classical music elements created a mind-blowing contrast, which genuinely amazed me. Also, the inclusion of what sounded like a tombak or goblet drum just made the song a hit for me.  

From beginning to end, “sonic heroes in the basis of my moral compass” exudes distinct hip-hop vibes. The incorporation of electronic components adds an experimental edge to the music, while the bassline and drums actually steal the show, intensifying the song’s conveyed sense of aggression.  

“DADDY TECHNO DREAM PUNK” is unlike any other song I’ve heard so far. It’s a blend of multiple genres resulting in a completely unique production. The song has an unsettling passion that is undoubtedly fascinating. The dark vocals do so well with the rich instrumental layers – from the vibrating beats to the Arabic-inspired melodies , and the bassline, creating a distinct techno-dance music ambiance.  

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In “¥AKUZA,” the shimmering synths share the spotlight with commanding vocals and pulsating beats. True to Carδamo’s distinctive style, the track takes an unexpected turn towards the end, where the vocals evoke the eerie presence of a ghost from a horror movie. The drum beats further amplify this effect, adding a haunting touch to the overall composition.  

“BOP IT” radiates a strong sense of empowerment. Those beats are just mind-blowing. The industrial components of the song and the powerful rap delivery by female vocals combine to make a truly uplifting anthem. The synth work is off-the-charts, and the inclusion of horns adds excitement. This song is a celebration you won’t want to miss!  

“GIVE IT TO THE JOOS” pulls you into the world of video games, engrossing you in its distinct ambiance. It has a wildly experimental and unsettling vibe. The cacophonous synth work takes the stage, creating a wall of noise that often overpowers the singing.  

In the opening moments of “frogs are more precious than diamonds,” you’re greeted with the album’s most melodious and tranquil ambiance. It has an aura of a romantic movie setting, with an appealing and calm soundscape. It is enriched with beautiful synths and pleasant musical components that create a good vibe. The music transforms around halfway and begins to pick up momentum as the synths and beats get more powerful, and the vocals become more furious. And just as quickly, it returns to the mellifluous tranquillity that graced its beginning.  

“I COULD NEVER,” a collaboration featuring 98 Poly, is a track that gradually gets into your senses after just a few listens. The repeated line “I could never hold it against you” creates a hypnotic ambiance, and you can’t help but sing along. The song features an arrangement that is, again, amazing. The incorporation of pop and electronic components results in a one-of-a-kind and compelling musical experience.  

“FIREFLIES” is a revamped version of Owl City’s original track. The song thrives in this electronic version thanks to an uplifting bassline, beautiful keys, and elaborate electronic synth work. The combination of both robotic male vocals and passionate female vocals is such an amazingly placed juxtaposition. It will make you sway and dance to its infectious rhythm while having a smile on your face.  

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“CARAMELLDANSEN” takes you back in time with its fun synth work and delightful rhythms. The entire atmosphere of the song is one of happiness and delight, with a nostalgic charm that dates back to the cheerful songs of older times, reminiscent of the Barbie era.   

The album concludes with the “ANDROGENISE – NIGHTCORE REMIX.” This version elevates the album’s opening track to new heights of excitement. It has throbbing beats, synths with a disco edge, and vocals sped up to a playful, almost childlike tone. It’s a remix that makes you want to put on your dance shoes and go down on the floor.   “ANDROGENISE” by Carδamo is a treat like no other. The songs are of top production, edgy, and a ride to remember. Just hit the play button without second thoughts.

Enjoy listening to “ANDROGENISE” by Carδamo here.

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