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Genevieve Sovereign-Midday Blue
Genevieve Sovereign-Midday Blue
Genevieve Sovereign-Midday Blue

Genevieve Sovereign writes a beautiful ode to blue with her dream pop single, “Midday Blue”

Genevieve Sovereign is writing her legacy into dream pop. There is a mastery in tones and styles she has that is rarely witnessed in indie artists. Musically, her melodies are webbed worlds that cocoon events of her life and other musings. If you heard her 2022 EP It’s yours, you know that she has reached a refinement that is like a polished gem. This is her latest single, Midday Blue. 

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Genevieve Sovereign writes from her heart

Though I could go on talking about the artists her music seems to be inspired by, it is worthwhile talking about the setting she creates. Genevieve Sovereign is bringing the crystalline blue that inspires her to you. In that way, she fabricates a colour so deep and pure, the lyrics are like melting gold after. As she always does, her vocals are tailored to each of the effects she uses.

The necklace of the stringed progression resonates with her gentle vocals, helping you recede into this picturesque image. The sudden progression change is a welcome surprise, you flow into it just like the velvet synth that is the background. The musician from Melbourne, Australia has a distinctive way of erasing any restrictive frames in her lucidly celestial music. The heavens salute you, Genevieve Sovereign.

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Though her single Present Dreams is the one that has streamed the most, there are textural explorations to be found in all her singles. To fall into her mould of music is addictive, as you would have felt from this song. Follow her for more brilliant tracks like this, and listen to Midday Blue here:

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