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Dix Denney
Dix Denney

Flea Mourns the Death of Dix Denney, an Exceptional Artist and Pioneer of Punk Music

One of the most under-appreciated guitarists/bassists of all time Dix Denney has passed away last night. Dix, along with his brother John Denney were the pioneers of the first wave of punk music in the 80s. Together they formed the band The Weirdos.

A punk music group from Los Angeles, California, The Weirdos were led by John Denney who played lead guitar and shared the stage with his brother Dix Denney on guitar. In addition to Dave Trout on bass, Nickey “Beat” Alexander on drums, and Cliff Roman on another guitar. They began as an art-music group in 1976, and the name stuck after they were mentioned in a Time magazine news story on punk rock bands. Their DIY mentality was quite strong. They dressed in everything they could find, including bags, belts, necklaces, and so on. According to American performance artist David Horvitz, the band’s attire “Changes quicker than a cheetah.”

They split up in 1981, but they later got back together at various points, including to record the album Condor in 1990. In a 1990 Flipside interview, John Denney listed the Ramones, New York Dolls and Iggy Pop as fundamental musical inspirations for The Weirdos. Dix’s death comes as a shock to the music community. The artist was once close to becoming a member of the Red Hot Chilli Peppers but ended up being a close associate as he ventured into his solo projects. 

Flea admires the true artist that was Dix

Renowned musician and RHCP bassist, Flea, took to his Instagram to express condolences for the death of Dix Denney. He wrote, “He was a musician, a painter, a sculpter, an innovator and a maker of instruments. I am grateful to have been his friend. He yelled “wiggle your toes! Wiggle your fucking toes!” He didn’t bother talking much, but when he did it was smart and funny. I admired him and hoped he liked me. I played music with him, I ventured deep into the wilderness with him. He and his beautiful brother John formed the punk rock band The Weirdos in 1975. They were incredible and my favorite punk band of all time. Now I find myself in mourning. Dix Denney forever. Rest in peace beautiful man, a true artist.”

Furthermore, the son of Hollywood actress Nora Denney, Dix was also a part of bands like 13.13, Dig, If-Then-Else, and Thelonious Monster, throughout the span of his career.

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