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Avenged Sevenfold News
Avenged Sevenfold News

Fans Are Losing Their Sh*t as Heavy Metal Pioneers Avenged Sevenfold Counts Down to Something Big on Spooky Live Stream

Huntington Beach heavy metal giants Avenged Sevenfold are driving their fans crazy for over a week now. The band has put up a live stream on their YouTube channel which is definitely teasing something, but no one has any clue as to what to expect.

Here’s what we know so far:

The video is titled ‘Avenged Sevenfold Presents…’ It is a still frame of what appears to be a set with the band’s iconic winged skull insignia on one of the walls. In the middle of the room, there is a chair with a skeletal figure sitting who appears to be on fire. Next to the figure is a stereo system, also burning. The walls of the room are studded with dark and gloomy paintings which give a sense of a Mephistophelian aesthetic. Several scribblings also decorate parts of the background. Words like “Nobody”, “War Endures” and “We Don’t Care” adds to the dystopian theme. The only audio in the stream are ambient factory noises. Finally, on the top, there is a countdown timer, which has less than 8 hours left on its clock.

The press has been unable to reach Avenged Sevenfold or any of its associates over the past few days. The band is keeping mum. Fans are speculating about the launch of a new album (perhaps titled ‘Life is but a Dream’) or a series of singles, but there is not a single source which can confirm this. The spooky live stream video countdown is set to end on March 14 at 11 am EST.

Avenged Sevenfold has been building up to something big for a while now

But what’s most strange, is the band’s strategy for their promotion. It is unique and borderline bonkers. The stream has been live for over a week now, and no one has any idea what it is about. Is it a new song? A new album? An interview? Perhaps a live stream of a digital gig? The video comes after a long series of teases, including the fact that the band supposedly got ‘hacked’ past February. On their social media, fake festival cancellations were announced, and front man M. Shadows‘ AI duplicate appeared on the group’s podcast to address the issue.

Subsequently, Avenged Sevenfold clarified that everything their fans have been seeing were fake, and eventually issued a statement saying, “Our accounts were compromised over the weekend and have now been recovered. Our festival appearances have not been cancelled. For the time being, please go to our Discord at the link in our bio for all future communications. Thank you for your patience.”

Avenged Sevenfold released their previous full-length studio album, ‘The Stage,’ on October 2016 via Capitol Records. The album was critically acclaimed and sold over 144,000 copies. So far the metalcore giants have released seven LPs, one soundtrack album, one live album, two compilation albums, 31 singles, two video albums and 26 music videos. That’s indeed quite an impressive track record!

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Latest Update >

Avenged Sevenfold have just dropped their first new single titled ‘Nobody’ since 2016 album The Stage! To coincide with this huge announcement, the band have also just confirmed two huge live shows: they’ll be playing Los Angeles’ Kia Forum on June 9, and New York’s Madison Square Garden on June 23. Tickets for these gigs go on sale this Friday, March 17.

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