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Calvin Ryan – LMK | Melodic Pastry

Calvin Ryan is a 24-year-old, New York-based artist. Calvin is not only a songwriter and performer but also a sound engineer. Gaining recognition among the celebrities, Calvin Ryan started out his own career in 2020. His bilingual musical experimentation of infusing English and Spanish across genres like Hip-Hop, Pop, RnB, Reggaeton, and Dancehall, has gained popularity throughout the globe. After releasing 9 singles, he has just released a new album, ‘LMK’ which is a perfect symphonic delight for the ears. The album contains 8 songs in total and the title track is named LMK.

Let Me Know ‘LMK’ is one of the best works of Calvin Ryan. With this release, Calvin Ryan has set the bar so high that I am doubtful if someone could stand up to it any time soon. Being the title track of the album, it is pretty strong in itself and full of surprising musical elements. Being an engineer himself, his songs have perfect vocal textures that beautifully compliments the production and justifies the lyrics. The artist ecstatically paints a pictures just through his lyrics and vocals making it one of the grooviest songs I’ve heard in a while. The music is hypnotic and makes you wanna sway. The perfect curation of musical elements just to deliver the right vibe is remarkable. Plus, the hook is catchy and latches on to your brain for a long, long time. This is one of the best albums of the decade without doubt. Do not miss out on ‘LMK’ by Calvin Ryan.

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