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Galaxy Shores – Galaxy Shores | Hybrid Surfaces

Galaxy Shores has released his debut EP, which delves into such unusual and unique dimensions, leaving a lasting impression with these diverse timbres. The writing is flowing, and the instruments are given personalities and a significant role in the soundscape’s progression. The synthetic textures are incredibly addicting and have the desired effect of enhancing the clarity of the record’s sound. There is a great deal of creativity, experimentation, and individualism, which offers our ears something fresh to discover. The hybridisation in the arrangements is something that will certainly pique the interest of music enthusiasts.

The opening track, ‘Free Fall,’ features intriguing electronic sounds that entice you to explore the rest of the songs in the album. Additionally, the song takes its time to build momentum, starting with the vocals. The takeoff creates a huge amount of room for the record. The music is upbeat, and the language takes us on a journey through a narrative that is well-structured, with plenty of space between phrases. The textures sound enticing enough to keep you hooked till the end. I really enjoy the song’s outro, which features an enticing synth lead solo with some chopper effect sounds below. ‘I Guess It’s Time‘ starts out with a solid groove that builds into an exhilarating throbbing tone that keeps the pace rolling. The chorus is very memorable. I also thought the sonic space to be incredibly intriguing, with its hybrid colour and attractive tones in guitars and authentic sounding drums, all of which are blended with rich synthetic textures throughout.

Moving on to the following track, ‘Live Without‘, which began with telephone noises mingled with surreal ambient pads, had an intriguing start. This song’s composition was very appealing to me. The words in this song were given plenty of room to breathe and lure us into the track’s beautiful mood. The textures are truly something to get your attention, and the pauses give a lot of dynamics to the tune. As a result, the song’s emotional complexity is substantially increased. The tune comes to a powerful conclusion with the guitar riff at the climax. ‘Launch Sequence-Re Entry‘ takes on a slightly altered pace, which adds to the progression’s allure. The tone of the sustained pads also contributes to and elevates the track’s mood. The textures have been given a lot of detail, and as it opens out to this beautiful section, were thoroughly absorbed in the space. The soundscape has such a lovely narrative to it, and it never gets tiresome, which is a great feature for the tune.

The ambiance of the next tune, ‘Another Day,‘ is very serene. The song is incredibly beautifully written, which makes it much easier to connect with the song’s feel right away. The dynamics in the performance are preserved in the mix, which helps to bring out the passion in the song. Furthermore, the song’s synthetic textural presentation is extremely delightful. ‘Sphallolalia‘ is a funky and upbeat song. The drums keep the song’s energy continuing while also emphasising the correct beats to maintain a better flow. We also hear some amazing synth leads, which add to the overall attractiveness of the production. 

The album comes to a conclusion with the emotive, lyrically rich piece ‘What Once Was And Still Could Be,’ which truly gets under your skin. From the beginning, I was captivated by the music. The song perfectly sums up the full experience with its sweeping and arpeggiated synthetic flavours. There are so many great components in the production that keep us hooked on the music the entire time. The Soundtrack features a fantastic mix of rich, deep textures and sounds that will captivate many electronic music listeners. In addition, the hybrid approach to the entire soundscape sounds wonderful. I’m confident that everybody who wants to have an engaging experience WOULD definitely appreciate the record.

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