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Carley Varley – Fall | Charming Tones

Carley Varley, a Bournemouth-based singer-songwriter, has published a new song called ‘Fall,’ which is a lovely creation. The writing was the first thing that drew me in and made me want to read more. The lovely connection is presented so beautifully, with analogies and parallels from all around us, most notably from nature. Our natural surrounds are as delightful and lovely as the music. The song’s atmosphere is further pushed and elevated by the correct arrangement, which is essentially introduced at the level of songwriting, performance, and arrangement. Another factor that deserves recognition is vocal performance. She delivered the performance with such honesty that it truly brought out the emotive element that was already present in the script. This is really fantastic.

The atmosphere formed by the extremely attractive Piano tones, the deep, strong drum timbre, and the other essential parts has a significant influence on the listening experience. It nearly transfers us to a large spectacular arena where we simply let ourselves to be transported into a parallel universe where we are brave and powerful. The music has a strong emotional impact on us, and the fact that it is delivered in such a straightforward manner increases our ability to listen to it repeatedly. The mood has an enticing aspect that makes you want to return to it again and again. I’m very certain that anyone discovers the song will add it to their personal playlist. This song’s popularity would skyrocket among a bigger audience.

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