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Brendan Cope – I’ll Be Around

“I’ll Be Around” sounds like a Finneas single with a lot of obscure electronics that end up creating a sonic space that’s entirely new and familiar at the same time. This is the fourth single released by Portland-based artist, Brendan Cope, this year.

I like how the initial instruments layered right at the beginning confuse your years till that subtle piano kicks in. Brendan is a multi-instrumentalist and he’s used his skills impressively in this song. The mix of lush harmonies and some bizarre vocal chops fill up the spaces nicely. Brendan likes experimenting with various forms and structures – quite important to do in the indie scene nowadays, if you want to stand out!

“I’ll Be Around” is written from a sad and dark place – Brendan’s sung in his head voice, in most parts at least, and that’s a great texture to have for a slow tempo track like this. The unique rhythm section and selection of percussion for this track, make everything seem like it’s not “fitting” in quite right, but maybe that’s how Brendan wants to tell the story.

I appreciated listening to this four-minute track several times, since each time I did I discovered something new in the production. The blend of contemporary pop, electronics, and some r&b make this listening experience special. Brendan has an eye, (and an ear) for transforming innovative ideas into great soundscapes.

Here’s “I’ll Be Around” by Brendan Cope!

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