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Jade 10 - I Am Beautiful
Jade 10 - I Am Beautiful

Jade 10 – I Am Beautiful | Body Positivity

MaKenzie “Jade 10” is a young talent who loathes the mechanical workings of the corporate world. She says that she would rather play in the background and has no desire to be a big star or anything. Jade 10 would rather make organic music that has purpose and hopefully changes someone’s life. With messages of body positivity and self-acceptance, MaKenzie’s music aims to help people feel better about themselves.

I Am Beautiful is no exception. The track has light, airy elements that make it feel like praise and worship to the body. The light pans and moderate reverbs also aide the upliftment. Jade 10 uses her vocals to disorient the listener with negative messages initially, but then switches to positive messages to show a transition in thinking is possible. The uplifting drums and tinny guitar really give you this feeling of security, and the pop nature of the groove really puts you on top of the world.

I Am Beautiful is this mantra that follows you throughout the song even though it’s only a part of the chorus. Jade 10 has just been authentic in pursuing this message. This is a song of empowerment and will definitely get you through those hours of despair.

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