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azuul 97 - you are happy
azuul 97 - you are happy

“You Are Happy” by Azuul 97 is a Melodic Tale of Healing and Growth    

Meet Azuul 97, a music aficionado. The inner soul of Azuul 97 shines through her genuine songs and compelling stories in the digital landscape. She has continued to produce amazing songs this year, adding to her musical journey. While her internet presence is discreet, her passion for music is apparent.   “You Are Happy,” the latest single from Azuul 97, is a soulful pop gem. 

From the first note, Azuul’s beautiful voice takes center stage, wrapping you in a rich and evocative musical experience. What stood out for me in this melody is the stunning overlap of pitch fluctuations in the vocals, giving it an interesting and captivating sound.   The vocals in “You Are Happy” take you on an unexpected journey. It is filled with twists and turns that add a mysterious ambiance throughout.

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The synth work shines out significantly in the musical arrangement, driving the song’s progression. But it does not overpower and lets the vocals shine. The poignant line, “But in the end you are happy,” comes at the song’s climax, pumping the track with an overwhelming sense of blissful energy. Could not have asked for a better ending. Lyrically, the song dives into themes of heartbreak, nostalgia, and introspection regarding a previous relationship.

The lyrics capture the process of healing and growth that takes place after an immense emotional episode in a beautiful way. “You Are Happy” by Azuul 97 is a journey of emotions that will speak to anyone who traversed the complicated terrain of emotions following a failed relationship.      

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 Enjoy listening to “You Are Happy” by Azuul 97 here.

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