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vidpoet-Art Therapy, Pt. 2.
vidpoet-Art Therapy, Pt. 2.
vidpoet-Art Therapy, Pt. 2.

vidpoet shows lyrical magic with his latest EP, “Art Therapy, Pt. 2”.

Artists like vidpoet are chemists of sound. Experiencing audio heaven with poetry, he is one of the those rappers that pay equal attention to both. Rap legends have concretized their name in history for not just their lyrics, but how well-balanced the song is otherwise. This artist does the same, with his own panache. This is his EP, Art Therapy, Pt. 2.

The opening track elucidates the theory above. That Weird Rapper has a dubstep like sound energy, almost like a dance track. vidpoet brings his stylish lyrics then with a punch, hitting the flow just like it should for a song designed like this. Like the pedigree of Talib Kweli, you can see rhymes within rhymes. Giwufi brings another R&B based texture to the song, with some killer lines made into a delicious cocktail. It is so easy to get completely drawn into the lyrics and groove that a musician like this carries.

Unfinished Sculpture, Pt. 2 has an MF DOOM like flow, something cinematic about how the song is experienced. There is an unrequited love that this rapper carries in his bars. vidpoet might not be making anything other rappers do, because of how he writes. Like an art abstract, each song has a depth and style to it that doesn’t imitate another. The first part of his EP, Art Therapy, Pt. 1 has the foundation for this sculptural extravagance you see. It is a magnum opus that has been forged with fire. 

A cinematic overview

Closing this EP with No Edits, you hear an alt-rock core now. It is especially poignant to feel out all these songs through the mind of this creative monolith. A rapper like vidpoet wants you to experience rap like he did, something that lives and breathes through him. All of his music has an addiction to explaining a theme, and he does a fantastic job. Whether it is natural poetry or well-thought-out bars that he has meditated upon, the result is always a gem. 

You can discover him through many of the indie playlists he is featured on. His Spotify has all the tracks you need to hear, and they all cut through mediocrity for the brilliant works of art they are. As much as it is for you, this album is therapy for him as well, in many ways. Listen to his singles and follow him for more songs like this. For now, here is his genius EP:

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