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Electric High - Seven Wonders
Electric High - Seven Wonders
Electric High - Seven Wonders

Electric High – Seven Wonders | A bold, energetic, and gutsy song that hits you like a ton of bricks

Rock music always uplifts our spirits and boosts our energy to a great extent. The latest single by the absolutely amazing Norwegian rock band Electric High, Seven Wonders, is somehow a classic rock track with similar vibes. This highly driven energy of this song attracts the listeners’ attention right from the very first moment.

Electric High is a band of five members that features two vocalists. The amazing lineup comprises PV Staff and Olav Iversen on vocals, Marius Mørch on guitars, Einride Torvik on bass, and Tor Helge Opdahl on drums. Besides the perfect blend of the two distinctly different voices of the vocalists, the overall music of the band is hard-hitting and gutsy, making you headbang to the highly energetic beats and riffs, and Seven Wonders is perhaps the finest example of their fantastic production.

The song starts with a nasty guitar riff with the traditional dirt of rock guitar tones, and it hooks you in immediately as the vocals join in, and you simply cannot help but start grooving to the composition. There are several moments in the song where if you listen carefully, you will surely hear some excellent guitar fills that add bold colors to the overall soundscape. Since this track is heavily guitar-driven, you should definitely look out for the amazingly composed solo that it boasts. Other than the beautiful composition of the solo, the most attractive part of it is the intelligent use of noise as a core element, and it actually adds a different perspective to the overall sonic beauty of the track.

So don’t miss out on listening to this fantastic song by Electric High, Seven Wonders, and you can check it out here:

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