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affentanz - cage
affentanz - cage

Pulsating Electronica: “Cage” by Affentanz Steals the Show

Welcome to the hypnotic world of Affentanz, a deep and dark electronic music experience that pulsates at less than 127 beats per minute. Their music combines faded colors and innovative ideas as it explores forgotten days and divided earths. They embrace the unknown fearlessly, unearthing significant truths hidden beneath the surface. Affentanz’s fascinating journey into darkness resulted in a profound infusion of faith and wisdom. Join Martin Hillebrand, André Hartmann, and Moritz Zielke on this transforming experience. Take their hand in yours and immerse yourself in this incredible sonic voyage.

Affentanz is back with a new single, “Cage,” after their superhit song “Hunter.” And as usual, it did not disappoint. Listening to it is akin to being immersed in a thrilling movie, where the captivating synth work takes centre stage and showcases their artistic prowess.

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This downtempo electronica gem(their signature music) is adorned with emotionally charged vocals and an infectious hook. The song exudes a fresh and danceable vibe, reminiscent of the pulsating energy found in 80s wave music. The deep and dark vocals lead the way, guiding us through the mesmerizing soundscape. The music strikes a unique balance between eerie and upbeat, creating an alluring contrast that keeps the listener engaged throughout.

Right from the grand introduction, the song had me completely hooked. The explosion of synths within the opening seconds got my head bopping along in rhythm. For the ultimate experience, I wholeheartedly recommend immersing yourself in the song at full volume or with headphones, as every element comes alive and engulfs you in its enchanting aura.

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Enjoy listening to “Cage” by Affentanz here.

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