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Listen to Advika blend soulful vocals into synth-phonies on “Come Back To Earth”

Advika is a Boston-based musician, whose sound is known to blend a lot of jazz, and electronic pop, with sprinkles of Carnatic (South Indian classical) elements– and on her latest release, “Come Back To Earth”, she takes a synth-pop approach that’s so filled with ear candy, it left my ears practically diabetic. Please keep reading for my thoughts!

The music producer in me immediately perked up at the use of the slightly-fuzzy piano, layered with the bass and the texture right from the very first second. Come to the well-processed vocals, and it already feels like you’re being transported elsewhere, with the twangy percussion instruments in the background keeping time as the layers over layers of vocals build to a harmony, resolving into a spacey, vast pre-chorus; until the gentle, groovy verse section brings a metronome to the party– like an ethereal dream that happens in lockstep with time, the epitome of controlled, and objectively fantastic, chaos.

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The vocals continue to build the story, not once letting go of my attention, while layers only build positively, with some intelligent Carnatic-inspired adlibs in just my right ear around the three-and-a-half-minute mark, which add a whole new dimension to the composition. The ending of the song gently lets you go, while you’re left humming the hook to yourself long after the song has ended, and long before you realise it has.

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The engineering on this track is par excellence, with a genre-befitting phat sound at the low-end, well-rounded vocal processing, and an overall very engaging, driving sound that left my ears tickled perfectly. I would listen to “Come Back To Earth” times and over again. Check out the track here!

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