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The Bellwethers-All I See
The Bellwethers-All I See
The Bellwethers-All I See

The Bellwethers-All I See | Ridin’ Hot

Sometimes, just for fun I like to assume what kind of song I’ll hear looking at the title. It’s a stupid, juvenile experiment, and is almost always wrong. It’s the extent of how wrong I get it what makes it more exciting. The Bellwethers release their fresh single All I See. I’m proud to say I was dead wrong.

All I See is a delta blues rocking track with mega-swinging riffs and a fun tune. What I expected was an indie, smooth song that let things be and sang about the butterflies and trees. However, The Bellwethers take charge with a talk box in hand and give us some choice servings of bends and flourishes that require their own Michelin stars. The energy of the song is infectious and like your weekly dose of a cheat meal. Swinging into each verse with propelled, seemingly intangible amounts of raw power, the attack is imminent on your senses. Sweet pain I call it.

The Bellwethers have a powerful lineup that have been bar-bombing, busking and earning their ranks since 2010. Their 2013 album Kismet is a confident debut from a band that merge so many styles together, massively underappreciated. All I See is a re-released single from their 2018 album Schizophrenic Zen. They’re revelers, in the energy and holy spirit of the blues and they’ve been garnering traction for a while now. Listen to All I See and their album that pre-packages every bit of blues rock you might have been missing for a while now. Look out for more music from the bad-asses of Phoenix’s blues scene as well.

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