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Gary Dranow - Destiny Road
Gary Dranow - Destiny Road
Gary Dranow - Destiny Road

Gary Dranow – Destiny Road

The latest single by Gary Dranow, Destiny Road, is an out-and-out blues rock song that keeps you up with its groove and offers some feel-good vibes with the underlying melodies and guitar works. It is a song that is easy to connect to, and the composition is devoid of complications, giving us an easy-listening experience!

Destiny Road starts with a similar vibe as in some of the classic Deep Purple songs, with the drums, guitars, bass, and keyboards kicking in together with a bang! A bluesy guitar prelude follows for the next few bars leading us into the vocals. Gary Dranow’s voice suits the composition perfectly and adds an attractive complexion to the song. Complementing the catchy vocals is a wonderful acoustic melody that backs it up beautifully. The acoustic melody is there throughout the track and works as a canvas on which the song is painted.

The rhythm section in Destiny Road offers some tasty elements, and if you listen carefully, you can figure out the pockets on which the beats fall, laying a solid foundation for the song’s groove. The guitar solos add another element of beauty to the song! They are gritty and gutsy and boast traditional blues and classic rock tones. The hard-hitting bends surprisingly do not sound harsh but are soothing to the ears. Not to miss out on mentioning, the sections where the guitars come in the forefront will surely make you headbang even while you are grooving to the track!

Overall, Destiny Road by Gary Dranow is a song that you should add to your playlist, and you can rest assured that you’ll keep playing it on a loop. Listen to this beautiful track here:

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