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Love Ghost-Pulp
Love Ghost-Pulp
Love Ghost-Pulp

Love Ghost-Pulp | Locked and loaded

A loud sound is followed by silence. It’s either due to the nature of the sound, or the reason for it. If it’s omnidirectional, it is going to turn heads. Love Ghost are this driving force that make their presence known with each release. Their latest is an explosive rock track called Pulp.

Combining elements of rock, pop and even EDM at times, confines aren’t for this band. They’ve constantly one-upped themselves, infectiously catchy radio friendly tracks curated to the second. Pulp is no different, and it is a renaissance for this band. Using a riff like Muse or what Arctic Monkeys popularized, they understand that great lyrics and a hook of a chorus are the trick. Worked for Jack White and The White Stripes as well. Here, they fire on all cylinders, from a semi-automatic that too. The verse has enough instrumental drama going on to keep it interesting, and the chorus is a seat eject button hidden in plain sight.

Love Ghost aren’t new to the heavy drops, though. Their tracks constantly shift between elements of metal as well, when the venom strikes. Pulp is just another feather in their cap, one of their best singles to date. So crank up the volume to a safe amount and prepare yourself for quite the number.

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