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Cami Brooks - 50 Roses
Cami Brooks - 50 Roses

Cami Brooks – 50 Roses | Emotional Stories

Cami Brooks is a 21-year-old musician with a flair for storytelling. Based out in New York City, but born in Argentina, Brooks has been surrounded by music for her entire life. She writes songs on human realities such as love, heartbreak, personal struggles and life-shaping experiences. The fact that her music is so relatable is probably what makes it so enjoyable as well. Cami is currently focusing her studies in Music Business and Entertainment with the aim to become an entrepreneur and independent artist.

Her latest single, 50 Roses, is her third track with a lot of energy and emotion. Her ability to craft a story with her lyrics and the music is impeccable. The musical direction is absolutely perfect with the upbeat drum kit and smooth, groovy bassline. The guitar work is light and bright. Moreover, it feels like such a happy song. Even when the roses disappear, there’s a sense of hope that things will get better. They do so with such joy even. Additionally, I find Cami Brooks has so much to offer with her voice. Her angelic voice shows insane range with her hitting both low and high notes with such ease.

While she only has three tracks out right now, Cami Brook is definitely on her way to creating and putting out more tracks soon. I would keep an eye out for her if I was you.

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