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Common Goldfish-Feel the Fuzz
Common Goldfish-Feel the Fuzz
Common Goldfish-Feel the Fuzz

Common Goldfish-Feel the Fuzz | A steady rise to the top

An uncommon name. A confusing single title. Debut track on the line and their first impression all depends on this one track. Do you enjoy the success or rework something that has been heard before? Common Goldfish should fill up that fishbowl with champagne because they have a solid track here. This is their debut, Feel the Fuzz.

Neo-funk is all the heat for some listeners right now. RHCP is coming in with their album as well, so we’re excited and all. However, the sound of non-sold out funk is different (red hot burn there). Feel the Fuzz makes a lingering psychedelic atmosphere that is reigned over by the bass and guitar. The steady companion drums do their thing too, but let’s give credit to those holding the gold.

With monotonous vocals, we slowly sink into what can be an ever evolving background track. The simple flourishes and string acrobatics with the guitar are all that are the focus-and that’s why this track sounds this good. With a two note-change ambient sound, Common Goldfish achieve quite a bit, with something that sounds effortless. I’ll go as far as to say, this has potential to be plagiarized by a pop-star for their hit single. But, you read it here first (among other review publications), Feel the Fuzz has set the vibe for Common Goldfish to fly. Fly they will.

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