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Agon Branza - Some People
Agon Branza - Some People
Agon Branza - Some People

Agon Branza – Some People | Soul Pleasing

Born in Lisbon, Portugal, and based out of London, United Kingdom, Agon Branza is a gifted singer-songwriter, brilliant composer, and a genuinely talented music producer. The latest single by Agon Branza, Some People, is probably the most soothing and heart-touching track you’ll ever hear.

Music that finds its way to the heart!

He has spent time studying films and music, which is evident in Agon Branza’s Some People. It makes you feel like you’re playing a part in a movie while the song works as the perfect background. It is that kind of song you’d like to listen to on a rainy evening, sipping on a cup of coffee and sitting on the balcony watching the rain! The music is calming, uplifting, and quite emotionally healing.

The song opens with an ambient synth pad drone, alongside which a simple two-note bass line joins. It holds the count and groove, thereby introducing the vocals. The vocals are the most stunning feature of the song, and you realize that it is a voice that is matured and trained over years of diligent practice. It sounds incredible over the various synth textures and a simple yet beautiful piano in the backing. You should check out the terrific vocal works during the chorus. It just draws you into the song within a second.

The drums join right at the beginning of the second verse’s chorus, and the bass drum kick beautifully complements the song’s soothing background. The drum parts are very simple, and you hear a magnificently minimalistic and effortless playing. Well, that’s what the overall vibe of the song demands! The final moments of the song involve just the piano and the vocals. It ends with the similar two-note bass line you hear at the song’s start.

So, if you’re searching for a lyrically heart-touching song that calms your mind and soothes your soul, you should definitely check this song out. Listen to Agon Branza’s Some People here:

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