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Chafa-Luminescence | Operatic

Many artists look for purpose in music. A select few find music in purpose. Chafa is of the latter, a screened artist that has compositions that are beyond words. They do not linger or pander beyond the purpose of the song itself, and find meaning in being intangible. His latest single is called Luminescence.

It might begin like a neo-classical piano piece, but evolves to something way beyond the confines of genres. Playing from a young age and having unrestricted access to ever-changing music patterns, Chafa makes sure you’re having a singular, powerful experience. After the foreboding melody makes way and processes itself, the strings aid as a sheet that floats as a singular musical entity. It is rich and textural, and finding that in simplicity is what is difficult.

Cinematic and thematic in a way, it expresses melancholy and freezes a moment in time. The ominous symphony repeats itself after a minute, but with the kind of change that chills your blood. The violins are more dynamic, and the composition layers itself with curated juxtaposition. Never shifting from the original simple melody, all that we hear is a play around the same few notes, but with something more that makes it a rich, operatic experience.

Listen to the hauntingly beautiful track on Halloween here:

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