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My Baby – Sake Sake Sake | Musical Delight

My Baby is an original Dutch-New Zealand trio band that is going to change the EDM scene as we know it. They have cultivated a sound rooted in gospel, blues and folk found in ancient cultures such as Moroccan gnawa, Indian raga and even African desert blues and texture like EDM with the old school laid back funk beats to create a completely unique journey for listeners from all over the world! My Baby brings a kind of genuine energy seldom found elsewhere. They have travelled the world, playing at renowned festivals including Glastonbury (United Kingdom), Isle of Wight (United Kingdom), Sziget (Hungary), Fusion (Germany), Exit (Serbia and Romania), Lowlands (Netherlands) and Pinkpop (Netherlands).

Their new album Sake Sake Sake is already creating waves in the music industry. The album comprises 13 songs each with its own diversity. Cato Van Dyck’s strong, cheeky voice is dynamic and shines through the uniqueness of the songs. “A Dream I Dream“, brings in elements of euphoria. “Gasoline,” and “Cry Baby,” represent the band’s full potential with a blend of crunchy guitar riffs that transport you to an 80’s sci-fi film! The sounds of  “Fixed/Broken” and “Don’t Fight It” is like a new definition of enchanting rhythms and layers of unique combinations that add grace and complexity to any scenario or mood. “Everybody Scream” clearly evokes a sense of wistfulness when heard in any context.

The band continues to awe with “Unlike Before” along with mind- blowing pieces of mastery that are “My Bad” and “Nothing’s Gonna Change” where My Baby continues to stand out from the crowd with their remarkable sound. Whether on “Stupid” and on “It’s A Setup”, My Baby ties the room together with this intergalactic touch that suits them like a glove. Their album titled song “Sake, Sake, Sake” is brimming with vivacious, artistic sounds. With this unpredictable yet grounded sound, My Baby continues to take us all anywhere they want to go, with an irresistible dance beat that will take you on a cosmic journey you’ll never forget! Their music is startlingly versatile and awe-inspiringly beautiful, with vocal melodies as delicate as clouds, explosive beats like rainstorms, and a variety of other creative instrumentation with elements of surprise. Sake Sake Sake will transport you to a new world of trance.

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